"The artist is a pioneer of plantal installations in glass. Her heart is devoted to forests and nature. She turns our attention towards the symbiotic relationship we have with forests. Or the one we should have. The newest project "BIOsphereIndividual" is Justynas voice against the lack of attention towards forest and tree conservation - protecting and preserving nature of which we make up just a small part of."

Justyna Stoszek started her education in the high school of art with a degree in wood carving and sculpture. She finished the Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in painting in 1999. From over 10 years she is exploring new, creative spaces. She exhibits in Poland and Great Britain. In the past years she created her own inter-disciplinary method called Flow. Constantly searching for new relationships between the arts with the main message of transforming feelings into movement, images, dance, poetry or sound working with imagination and subtlety. She started learning lithography last year in Doswiadczalna Pracownia Litografii im. Pabla Picassa in Warsaw. From 2007 she is creating her own project Forest Forever – miniature forests planted in glass. Her forests live in glass because of their own closed environment. They create their own ecosystem (thanks to photosynthesis) with all the necessary ingredients to live independently from human existence.